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Welcome – Nanny & Caregiver Services 

Loving Care Family Services is dedicated to finding the most suitable nanny or caregiver for your needs. We pride ourselves on the time we spend to carefully review each candidate’s background to ensure suitability. Our caregivers and nannies are matched based on personality, character, work history & expertise. They have all completed our extensive interview process & reference checks. Whether you are looking for help for yourself, a parent, child, relative or friend, Loving Care is here to help. We offer full time, part time and temporary services.

Nannies and Caregivers for Childrenbaby

It’s not a simple task to balance work and family. It is a constant struggle that a parent must deal with. The ideal is to hire a caregiver or nanny to care for your children to help balance family responsibilities and quality time, enabling you to have the best of both worlds. When hiring a nanny you want someone that you feel comfortable with and that you trust to look after your family. Our extensive interview and reference check process provides us with the information required when establishing a fit between caregiver and family to make the best possible match. This is our speciality and we pride ourselves on the fact we do it with great success. Read More

Palliative & Elderly Care for Seniors

It is difficult to watch a parent’s health decline. They were once so full of vigour, on the go and all of a sudden (or not so sudden) require assistance to stand up or take a shower. In the blink of an eye an adult child can become a part of what is currently known as the “sandwich generation”; raising children as well as caring for aging parents. Elderly care is important for balance and family harmony. Most aging parents would prefer a caregiver help them shower as opposed to their child. Parents don’t want to burden or inconvenience their children; hiring a caregiver will alleviate the stress that could otherwise occur. Read More