Many parents are busy due to work obligations and therefore they must find child care for their children. One option is sending your children out to a daycare. But being one of many children at a daycare your child may not get the individual attention that they need.  Hiring a babysitter or nanny is the best solution.

A nanny is someone that specializes in providing childcare. Nannies are usually trained in childcare or have many years of experience so that they can effectively lookout for the well being of your children. They can give your child or children their undivided attention unlike in a daycare centre.  Children tend to be anxious when they are not together with their family, so a nanny will try to make them feel relaxed and comfortable.

A nanny can become like a part of the family, creating a bond with your children. After all, she will be helping raise your children on a full- or part-time basis while you are at work. Therefore, a nanny is responsible for creating daily schedules and doing activities with the children to ensure their development and growth. As well, she may be responsible for keeping the household running smoothly by undertaking some cooking, cleaning and laundry, in addition to her child care duties.

Loving Care Family Services has many nannies on board that are professionals in caring for children. When our company recruits candidates, we focus on the candidate’s abilities such as personality, English language skills, previous experience and more. In addition, the candidate must demonstrate genuine love for children, otherwise that candidate isn’t considered.
At Loving Care we understand that every family situation is unique. We do our utmost to ensure that the nanny you hire is a perfect fit to your family dynamic. The main goal of our childcareservices is to provide a responsible, caring and nurturing nanny with whom you will feel comfortable entrusting your children.

Loving Care Family Services proudly offers high quality nannies and childcare services for your family in Toronto and the GTA.