It is a tough job to be a parent. Father’s and mother’s try their best to balance their responsibilities between work and family. Before the baby arrives, they worry who can help them care for their child.

Most children are too energetic to be cared for by their grandparents. You can’t imagine that your elder parent with difficult breathing is running after your child. Bring a nanny into your family, let the grandparents enjoy their life and allow them the freedom to hang out with their grandchildren at their convenience.  Having a nanny help with your children there is no need to worry that your parents will spoil your child 24/7, just on the weekends.

At Loving Care Family Services, you will have an experienced nanny in your home to care for your children. Our nanny will enforce discipline, rules and routines that you have created. This is an efficient way for you to keep unity in our child’s environment.


Does your child always eat out? You have no idea that foods from a restaurant are healthy or not. On the basis of your child’s health and development you want them to eat nutritional foods. However, you don’t have time to cook because work and home has become too stressful. A nanny will help you achieve this important goal.

A Loving Care Family Services nanny understands diet habits and needs of your family. She will prepare and arrange the meals for your family.

A nanny will focus on your child’s behavior according to their diet and create healthly meals to overcome different situations. For example, if your child is picky about some foods, a nanny will use her creative cooking skills that will get your child eating.

At Loving Care Family Services, we offer experienced nannies in Toronto and all of theGTA.