Hiring a nanny is very common these days. It is completely understandable that hard working parents can use some professional help. A nanny provides a safe, nurturing environment for children. It can be stressful to find balance between work and family life. At home you are stressing to get to work on time and at work you are stressed about picking your children up from school on time. A nanny will reduce your stress level tremendously. This will benefit you, your work life and the family life. At Loving Care Family Services we understand that when you hire a nanny, it has to be a nanny that will suit your family. We pride ourselves in spending time to carefully review each candidate’s background to ensure suitability. Ultimately ananny will be the one that will take care of what you love most, your children.

Before we decide to represent a nanny, they have to go through the following steps:

  • Childcare providers are given an in-depth in person interview. During the interview process we require identification and status in Canada verification.
  • We inquire about the childcare provider’s work experience, education and certifications and have an opportunity to check their English and comprehension skills.
  • After the interview process we check the childcare provider’s work references.
  • We verify all of the childcare provider’s diplomas and/or professional credentials.
  • At that point, we decide if we will represent them.

At Loving Care Family Services we take choosing the right nanny for your family very seriously. We understand how difficult it may be to leave your loved ones in the care of a stranger; however we are ready to help you through this transition.

If you have any questions about our nanny services or about finding the right nanny for your family, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced and dedicated team will make sure that all questions will be answered properly. At Loving Care Family Services we care about our clients and helping them find the best nanny for their children.

Loving Care Family Services provides nanny services in Toronto and throughout the GTA.