A sense of humour goes a long way, especially when it comes to on-call eldercare. Laughter is in fact the best medicine of all. When providing care to seniors, humour can actually be utilized as an effective tool for a caregiver. Aside from just simply bringing a smile to a person’s face, the respiratory action of laughing can provide some valuable information to the person providing care. If a senior has recently had a stumble or fall, for instance, the way in which they laugh can tell a lot about the location and severity of any pain or injury. Should an elder person be frightened or wrought with anxiety over a situation, compassionate humour can be employed to calm nerves and settle tension. At Loving Care Family Services our caregivers understand the value of a good sense of humour, and we’re pleased that they know how and when to use it.

Laughter Can Expose Pain and Injury

Many seniors, especially males, seem to have a preference of hiding their pain and even masking it with frivolous and distracting dialogue in an attempt to convince others that they’re ‘fine’, when in fact their hidden pains might be in need of further investigation and possible medical attention. Some will even go so far as to become a bit curt and borderline nasty just to deter a caregiver away from tending to them. Utilizing a bit of humour that can result in laughter is a most effective tool in uncovering pain or injuries that a senior is hell-bent on hiding. A caregiver can then be outfitted with pertinent information as to the elder’s well being and state of physical health. A valuable means indeed when providing on-call senior care.

How One Caregiver Utilized Humour

One of our clients, who we provided full time nanny services for, contacted us while they were vacationing overseas regarding the care of their elder parent who they believed had a fall that wasn’t being disclosed. In consideration of cutting their vacation short, our client opted to engage our on-call eldercare services and was eagerly awaiting a status call on the situation. One of our best senior care service providers was assigned to the call, and although the gentleman made his finest attempt to convince everyone otherwise, our caregiver could hear the pain in his voice over the phone. In a conversation with him, she explained that she was looking forward to meeting him in person and he agreed to see her. Once she arrived at the home, it was evident by the cuts and dry blood on his head that he had indeed fallen. As soon as she saw him she exclaimed “wow, what does the other fella look like!?” He enjoyed a hearty laugh over that comment and it confirmed for her that there was no respiratory damage or broken ribs although he did grab for his left shoulder. After engaging him in conversation while she cleaned up his cuts and iced his shoulder to alleviate swelling, he revealed the incident stating that he had tripped over the carpet and hit his head on the way down. Before she left the house she made sure to fix the carpet and check around for any other precarious obstacles that may trip him up in future. As he walked her to the door, she noticed he was shuffling his feet rather than picking them up to clear the carpet and she pointed that out to him by saying “that soft shoe dance you got there may have you down on your backside again if you’re not careful!” He laughed and made a point of showing her a more safe way to walk across the carpet which brought a satisfied smile to her face. Our client was more than relieved to discover their elder parent was ok and in good hands with Loving Care Family Services, which prevented them from having to cut their family vacation short.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

A good sense of humour most certainly goes a long way in providing intelligent, compassionate senior care. If you’re in Toronto or the GTA and require care for your loved ones, contact us at Loving Care Family Services. We employ the finest service care providers for all members of the family in every type of situation, on-call or full time, we are Loving Care. Visit our website to learn more about our services, and remember… laughter is the best medicine.