At Loving Care Family Services we take what we do very seriously. We all know that Babysitters in Toronto and the GTA are a dime a dozen. Finding responsible and reliable babysitters to take care of your children isn’t as easy.

We understand the importance of safety, dependability and trust. We offer this service all day every day to families who are in need of babysitters in Toronto and the GTA.

At Loving Care Family Services we have a thorough screening process that has been successful in creating the right fit between babysitters and families.

There are many babysitting courses and teenage babysitters in your neighborhood that would be happy to babysit your children. However the problem is that many of these friendly neighborhood babysitters do not have the proper training and experience to deal with an emergency or crisis situation. At Loving Care Family Services our babysitters are trained adults caring for children.


  • First Aid experience
  • Experience of dealing with children
  • Life experience
  • Crisis management
  • A feeling of security

Perhaps some people reading this article remember the days when a babysitter’s hourly wage was two dollars an hour. Times were very different then compared to today. Today there are many more things to worry about. For some reason back then life seemed easier and simpler.

When an adult is taking care of a child the sense of security is undeniable. If anything were to happen and help was needed, in most cases people would take a situation more seriously coming from an adult. Teenagers have a reputation for practical jokes or pranks. If an emergency situation were to arise there is no room for doubt, even for a moment.

Loving Care Family Services – Servicing Toronto and the GTA.