At Loving Care Family Services, we know our clients value family above all else.  We also understand that elderly people want to maintain their independence and not be a burden on their adult children.

Adult children of elderly people often find themselves looking after their young children as well as their aging parents.  It can be extremely difficult to manage this as well as full time jobs and all the extras in today’s busy world.  As people age, independence remains extremely important to them, and if their health is good, sometimes they simply need some in home assistance to maintain that independence.  At Loving Care Family Services, we offer in home private elderly care providers who can assist your loved one with routine daily activities and ensure their safety and well-being.

In home private elderly care providers are a great way to enable family members to spend more quality time together.  Instead of assisting with tasks, adult children and their elderly parent(s) are able to spend more time together.  This also frees up valuable time that today’s busy parents require in order to raise their own children.

There are many reasons to hire in home private elderly care provider.  A few are listed here:

  1. Your full-time caregiver is going on holidays
  2. Your elderly parent or loved one requires assistance or companionship at home
  3. You require a short-term caregiver to assist with a surgery recovery for your elderly loved one

At Loving Care Family Services, we choose the most qualified, professional caregivers to look after our clients.  Each caregiver must have a minimum of two years relevant experience in their choice of work, at least two Canadian references, education equivalent to Canadian high school, with additional certificates and references an asset.

At Loving Care Family Service, we offer full time, part time, on call services and 24 hour care. We are a professional home care provider offering a wide range of senior home care services for your elderly loved ones in Toronto and the GTA.