The decision to hire a full time nanny is a choice that not every parent is afforded. Finding a suitable caregiver for your children can be a rather daunting task in itself. You’re essentially opening up your home to a stranger that will inevitably be providing love and care to your family. Sure you can ask around, post ‘want ads’, even try to poach a working nanny with a more lucrative offer, however all that takes up a lot of time and effort, which is why you’re searching for a full time nanny in the first place. Then you will have to conduct interviews, scrutinize and perform background checks before welcoming in an appropriate caregiver. An arduous process indeed, that can take weeks even months to get through. All that effort on your part can be alleviated by simply contacting us at Loving Care Family Services.

Trusted Source for Best Care

For more than a decade we have been placing the most suitable caregivers in homes across Toronto. Our clients span the gamut of family care giving needs, from childcare to senior care we are a trusted source for best placements. Eliminating a lot of the leg work for parents, we thoroughly vet and screen every single caregiver we place before any interviews even take place. At Loving Care Family Services we ensure we stay true to our name by providing only loving care to all our client families. We wouldn’t send out anyone we wouldn’t personally have care for our own loved ones. Our customer satisfaction is ours and we stand behind each one of our placements.

Horrible Tales with a Happy Ending

Not too long ago we received a call from a parent who said she had spent over two years searching for full time child care in her home. She was at her wits end and told us several horrendous stories that made our spine shiver in disbelief. At one point she even had to call the authorities when her house was ransacked from someone she hired to care for her children. Practically in tears, she pleaded with us to help her, stating that she was done with searching on her own for full time nannies. Almost completely apprehensive about letting anyone else into her home, her need for childcare was still so great she couldn’t deny continuing to try, but this time with our assistance. We actually arranged for her to contact a couple of our long time customers to set her mind at ease before she even agreed to any interviews with our available nannies. In the end, we placed her with a wonderful caregiver from the Philippines, who provided the loving childcare this woman was dreaming for.

Help Is Just One Call Away

We absolutely love it when things work out beyond well. Not only is it our job, it is our pleasure to do what we do best, assist families with the best loving care possible. If you or someone you know is in the midst of a difficult time searching for full time child care, contact us at Loving Care Family Services. We can successfully assist and provide care giving services that exceed expectations. We demand no less from all our placements and our families appreciate our experience and attention to detail.

Even Our Caregivers Love Us

We enjoy well over ten years of satisfied clients and happy families in Toronto, the GTA and throughout Ontario. Even our caregivers appreciate our diligence and passion. New nannies are contacting us every week once they find out about us from other child care providers. Our track record speaks for itself and we are well known and respected in the care giving community. Visit our website to discover more about us and the services we offer for both child and senior care. Compassion resides in all we do, and we absolutely love what we do.