You need to hire someone to look after your children while you are out but you are not sure if what you need is a babysitter or a nanny. Is there really a difference between the two? While a nanny and babysitter both can provide quality care for your children, there are some differences.


A babysitter is usually hired to work for a few hours at a time. This can either be on a regular basis, such as after school or date night, or on an as-needed basis. A babysitter’s main responsibilities generally are watching the children, playing with them and putting them to bed.  However, depending on your family’s situation and needs, a babysitter can also help with homework, cook or feed the children, as well as do some light housekeeping.


A nanny generally cares for children while the parents work. She works on a set schedule with a specific number of hours a week either full time or part time. A nanny’s responsibilities include creating a daily routine, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, as well as taking the children to and from school and/or activities.  A nanny, many times becomes a part of the family; she helps raise the children and plays a big role in their development.

Loving Care Family Services has been proudly providing high quality babysitting services and placing nannies since 2007.  We will help you decide whether a nanny or babysitter best suits your needs. We ensure that the babysitter is responsible and honest, as well as trained in first aid and CPR. For all your babysitter and nanny needs in Toronto and the GTA, Loving Care Family Services is here to help.