In Toronto and the GTA there are many babysitters (baby sitters) or babysitting services to choose from. They are you neighbors, nieces or nephews and friends who have teenaged children.

Regular babysitters (baby sitters) are commonly teenagers and charge by the hour. Usually babysitters (baby sitters) will often bring a friend to hang out with, raid your fridge and not clean up after themselves.

At Loving Care Family Services when we send out a babysitter (baby sitter) to care for your children you won’t have to worry about them bringing their friends or if they will clean up after themselves or raid your fridge. J

Our babysitters (baby sitters) service Toronto and the GTA. We individually interview all potential babysitters (baby sitters) and ensure that they are responsible adults. Most have children of their own.

Loving Care Family Services Has a Thorough Process When Screening Babysitters

  • Babysitters (baby sitters) are given an in-depth in-person interview. During the interview process we require identification and status in Canada verification.
  • We inquire about the babysitters’ work experience, education and certifications and have an opportunity to check their English and comprehension skills.
  • After the interview process we check the babysitter’s (baby sitter’s) work references.
  • At that point, we decide if we will represent them.

There is a difference in the care our babysitters (baby sitters) provide compared to an informal babysitting arrangement.

Our experienced babysitters (baby sitters) are capable of taking care of all your children at once and offer the motherly hands-on care that an adult can provide.

Also, please note that our babysitting services in Toronto and the GTA may even be available on three hours notice.

Give us a call and experience the difference!