Whether a caring mom decides to get back to work after months of maternity leave or wants to start her career and sets up a job interview with a potential employer, sooner or later a babysitter or nanny will be required. If grandparents, close relatives or friends are too busy and not able to take care of the children, then parents start to search for a professional and qualified babysitter. However, many families have had a negative experience while hiring a babysitter. Below are some classic responses we received when we conducted a study:

  • The babysitter was under qualified and didn’t have essential experience, skills and knowledge in child development.
  • The babysitter was not familiar enough with the emotional, physical and communication needs of a child.
  • The Parents and a babysitter had personal clashes.

Therefore, it is important to be careful while choosing a babysitter and put a lot of thought into making a decision.


At Loving Care Family Services we understand your concerns and pay particular attention to the process of selecting the right babysitter for your child. In addition to babysitting services and depending on your needs, we offer full time and part-time nannies as well as live-in caregivers.

  • At Loving Care Family Services, we stress communication between parent and babysitter. You and your babysitter need to discuss meals and snacks, naps. Ourbabysitters always follow the parent’s schedule for their children and get instruction before starting their work.
  • At Loving Care Family Services, we provide our clients with the best qualitybabysitting services. Our babysitters arrive on time. Furthermore, many families have also realized how helpful our temporary and on-call services are.
  • We strive to meet your expectations. Through our detailed screening process, we ensure that our babysitters are mature and have the required experience, skills and knowledge.

You can fully rely on Loving Care Family Services and leave your children in good and qualified hands.

At Loving Care Family Services, we care about our clients and provide them with the bestbabysitting services in Toronto and the GTA.