Many parents work hard in order to create financial security and build a strong economy to support their family and to give their child a good quality of life. Compared to several decades ago, fathers were the economic foundation of a family. Now, the origins of income are coming not only from fathers but also mothers. Dual-earning households have become the new family norm. The bottom line is that nowadays parents are finding it more difficult to take care of their child as wholeheartedly and conscientiously as before due to all the added responsibilities of today’s pace and workload. As parents, you need a babysitter to reinforce what you lack and also to make sure that you get a break and spend some private time as well.

There are many unpredictable situations that can arise in your workplace. We know what it’s like when you have to deal with your business and also worry about your child as well. There is no question these pressures leave you in a dilemma frequently. At Loving Care Family Serviceslocated in Toronto and servicing throughout the GTA, our babysitters allow you focus on your matter at hand.  Don’t waste time to consider whether you should take the business trip or not. Spend your time calling our babysitting service.

A working mother will have the same competitive edge as other female colleagues once you feel secure and can rely on the babysitting service at Loving Care Family Services.


As their child is growing, parents try to arrange the most suitable environment for them. When your child is a baby or toddler, you will likely need a nanny to assist you to care your child. However, many times you will require babysitting help to fill in certain emergency situations or even perhaps a day when your child must stay home from school with a cold. It is always better to have your babysitting service picked out and know that you will be receiving reliable babysitters that are already familiar with your family and residence.
For example, have you thought about where your child will stay after school time? The world has changed and over-all public security has worsened over the last decade. Even though your child is over 7 years old, it is still not safe for them to stay at home alone. At Loving Care Family Services, our babysitters will pay their entire attention on your child and keep the risk away while you are at work.

At Loving Care we make sure your child will enjoy his time with our babysitter.  Our babysitters from Loving Care Family Services are trained to help your child have a fulfilling and activity packed day. Our babysitters are experts in listening to your child. Our goal is for your child to see our babysitters as their friends.

Loving Care Family Services provides babysitting services to families in Toronto and throughout the GTA.