There is nothing more precious to us than our children. We do not take this for granted! At Loving Care Family Services we take great pride in the quality of our babysitting services and the fact that we can provide the requested babysitting service with the fastest turnaround time in the GTA.

How We Screen Our Babysitting Team

We screen our Babysitting Team in Toronto and the GTA with an in depth in person interview as well as detailed reference checks.

  • During the interview process we require identification and status in Canada verification
  • We inquire about their previous work experience
  • We inquire about their education
  • We inquire about their certifications
  • We check their level of English
  • We check their comprehension skills

After the interview process we check the babysitters work references in Toronto and the GTA. At that point, we decide if we will represent them and include them in our Loving Care Family Services Team.
If you require temporary help while your nanny or caregiver are on a leave, please try and contact us four weeks prior to their departure so we can arrange for your babysitting services in Toronto and the GTA. Should the need arise suddenly, we are here to help and will work our magic to provide you with your babysitting needs in Toronto and the GTA as promptly as possible.

Reasons you May Need our Babysitting Services

  • Do you feel like your job as “Mom” never ends and need some relief?
  • Do you want some special time with your hubby or friends?
  • Do you need some “me” time?

Then you’re not alone. Our clients know when they call Loving Care Family Services they are in good hands. Our babysitting services in Toronto and the GTA may even be available on three hours notice. Your community babysitter in Toronto and the GTA can’t even guarantee you that quick a service. At Loving Care Family Services this is what we do everyday 24/7. We bring families and babysitters together for the short and long term.
We offer babysitting services in Toronto and the GTA for corporate events, office parties & weddings. Babysitting services can include child supervision, activities & entertainment. We also offer Hotel Babysitting. When you arrive from out of town to Toronto and the GTA and want a night out without the kids you can always count on Loving Care Family Services.