When it comes to hiring a caregiver in Toronto and the GTA to care for our elderly parents or loved ones the decision is often a difficult one. Many times our parents may not be prepared to have full time help in their home. They feel they are independent and can manage. Other times, we, as their children are not ready to admit to ourselves, that our parents, who were once so strong when they cared for us, now need the help themselves. This is why Loving Care Family Services, offers various options when caring for the elderly. We offer full time, part time, on call services and 24 hour care.

We do not take the selection process lightly. We only hire qualified and experienced caregivers in Toronto and the GTA as part of our team. This is because our caregivers in Toronto and the GTA represent Loving Care Family Services and, in a sense, are the face of our company.

Loving Care Family Services offers Temporary and on Call services for both eldercare & childcare.

Reasons to hire a Caregiver in Toronto and the GTA

  • Is your nanny or caregiver going on holidays?
  • Does your elderly parent or loved one require assistance or companionship at home?
  • Is your daycare closed for the day?
  • Do you have a sick child at home and can’t take time off from work?
  • Do you have an elderly parent that is coming home from the hospital that you don’t want to leave alone?
  • Do you need a caregiver temporarily because of a surgery?

If you answered YES to any of the above then Loving Care Family Services temporary and on- call services are right for you.

Qualifications for a Caregiver in Toronto and the GTA

  • Minimum of two years relevant experience in their choice of work
  • At least two Canadian references
  • Education equivalent to Canadian high school
  • Additional certificates and references an asset

Our Interview Process for a Caregiver in Toronto and the GTA

  • During the interview process we require identification and status in Canada verification
  • We inquire about their work experience
  • We inquire about their education
  • We inquire about their certifications
  • We check their level of English
  • We check their comprehension skills
  • In-depth reference research

Loving Care Family Services is dedicated to finding the most suitable candidate for your needs. We pride ourselves in spending time to carefully review each candidate’s background to ensure suitability. Our experienced caregivers in Toronto and the GTA are matched based on personality, character, work history & expertise.