As adults we often believe our parents are invincible. We look to them in times of trouble as well as share with them our joys and happiness. Never do we want to admit they might need help.

A caregiver (care giver) provider is often a blessing in disguise. At times children don’t want to come to terms with the fact their parent needs a caregiver (care giver) in the first placehowever the harsh reality is they do. And when our clients finally come to terms with this and embrace the caregiver provider they have chosen, life becomes so much easier for everyone involved.

Loving Care Family Services offers the service of providing a live-in or live-out caregiver (care giver) in Toronto and the GTA. The caregivers (care givers) we provide to families are professional, kind and caring when taking care of your loved ones.


  • Caregivers (care givers) are given an in depth in person interview. During the interview
    process we require identification and status in Canada verification.
  • We inquire about the caregiver’s (care giver’s) work experience, education and
    certifications and have an opportunity to check their English and comprehension skills.
  • After the interview process we check the caregiver’s (care giver’s) work references.
  • After all of the above, we decide if we will represent them.

We understand how important it is to you that your parents are cared for by a caregiver (care giver) who has empathy and is willing to go out of their way for your parents. This is why our screening process is so thorough.

Several team members at Loving Care Family Services are children of elderly parents as well. We know the challenges involved of caring for an elderly parent first hand.

Some elderly parents embrace the caregiver provider their children have hired. This is the best part of what we do because when this happens it means that we have helped  in make a good fit all around. In essence, this is our ultimate goal; to find the perfect fit between the elderly and the caregiver (care giver).