Sometimes circumstances move people into the scenario of caring for their loved ones. However, many families might find it challenging and emotionally overwhelming to provide their loved ones with a caring and responsive environment and call for professional help. Loving Care Family Services makes it possible for your loved ones who are ill or elderly to remain at home and will relieve you of your worries.

When the family hires a caregiver at Loving Care Family Services, they hire a qualified and experienced professional who is able to provide the person who is ill with individual assistance and support as well as perform a large variety of tasks dealing with medical issues.

  • Caregivers perform routine tasks such as light housekeeping duties including meal preparation, cleaning and laundry.
  • Caregivers provide an individual hands-on care starting from providing companionship to the sick person and creating a safety and caring environment to assisting the patient with personal hygiene, medical and nursing care as well as organize different recreation activities.


At Loving Care Family Services, we have the most comprehensive and thorough screening process to ensure that all caregivers have a required level of experience and professionalism.

  • All candidates are required to complete a detailed and comprehensive application form.
  • Loving Care Family Services conducts an in-depth in person interview for each candidate and inquires into their background, professional experience and education, certifications and language skills.
  • At Loving Care Family Services, we request and verify references and certifications of the potential candidates.
  • At Loving Care Family Services, we are devoted to matching the right caregiver to the family. Therefore, based on your expectations and needs, we select at least 3 caregiver¬†candidates for you to meet until you find the right one.

At Loving Care Family Services, we are dedicated to the safety and happiness of your loved ones providing families with the exceptional caregiver services in Toronto and the GTA.