Babysitters Can Be A Child’s Friend

The child whose parents accompany their growth is the happiest kid in the world. Every parent wants their child to be happy. Fathers and mothers understand their child and love them deeply. Parents work hard in order to build a safe and loving family relationship. The ideal dream is parents want to give all of [...]

Babysitters Share the Work of the Parents

Many parents work hard in order to create financial security and build a strong economy to support their family and to give their child a good quality of life. Compared to several decades ago, fathers were the economic foundation of a family. Now, the origins of income are coming not only from fathers but also mothers. [...]

Experienced Babysitters for All Age Levels

Babysitting is a very challenging and demanding job that requires a babysitter to have specific childcare skills and abilities. Our babysitting candidates also truly enjoy being with children. At Loving Care Family Services, we have helped hundreds of families to find the right babysitters for their children. All selected candidates are qualified and experienced professionals [...]

How to Find the Perfect Babysitter

Are you a working professional with kids who struggles to balance all your duties as a parent? You know what we mean. You must pick them up from the daycare center, play and entertain them, communicate and contribute to their emotional, social and physical development all intertwined with your busy schedule and long work hours? [...]

Babysitters: Why Parents Trust Our Services

Whether a caring mom decides to get back to work after months of maternity leave or wants to start her career and sets up a job interview with a potential employer, sooner or later a babysitter or nanny will be required. If grandparents, close relatives or friends are too busy and not able to take [...]

Adult Babysitters Taking Care of Children

At Loving Care Family Services we take what we do very seriously. We all know that Babysitters in Toronto and the GTA are a dime a dozen. Finding responsible and reliable babysitters to take care of your children isn't as easy. We understand the importance of safety, dependability and trust. We offer this service all day every [...]

The Best and Most Trustworthy Babysitter Service

In Toronto and the GTA there are many babysitters (baby sitters) or babysitting services to choose from. They are you neighbors, nieces or nephews and friends who have teenaged children. Regular babysitters (baby sitters) are commonly teenagers and charge by the hour. Usually babysitters (baby sitters) will often bring a friend to hang out with, [...]

Babysitting Services: How to Make Sure You Get the Right Nanny

There is nothing more precious to us than our children. We do not take this for granted! At Loving Care Family Services we take great pride in the quality of our babysitting services and the fact that we can provide the requested babysitting service with the fastest turnaround time in the GTA. How We Screen [...]

Babysitters: Experienced and Matched According to Personality

Whether you’re a working or a stay at home mom or dad a babysitter you can count on is a necessity for a mentally healthy family life. At Loving Care Family Services we believe our children are the most precious gifts we have and we take this very seriously. We provide Babysitters in Toronto and [...]