Our Nanny Agency Will Find the Best Nanny for Your Children

At Loving Care Family Services we are more than a caregiver/nanny agency. We listen to your needs in order to get a sense of "your family" so as to provide only the best and most appropriate candidates who will blend in with your family dynamic. With our caregiver/nanny agency you will be assigned a caseworker [...]

Our Caring, Professional in Home Private Elderly Care Providers Help Take the Worry Out of Elder Care

Hiring someone to care for an aging parent or relative is a very difficult decision, both for the caregiver and the person requiring care.  Loss of independence is the main reason elderly people resist any type of caregivers.  Adult children of parents requiring this service often think they should be taking care of their parents [...]

The Caregiver’s Role in Day-to-Day Care

In today's day and age, people are always busy with work, and their children and aging parents tend to get pushed to the side. They are not abandoned; there is simply not enough time to provide them with the necessary assistance. In such cases, specialized caregivers are required. Depending on the case, caregivers will assist [...]

Our Caregiver Agency is a Trusted, Compassionate and Professional Support System for Your Elderly Loved One

Loving Care Family Services is a trusted caregiver agency that provides home care services to your elderly loved ones.  At Loving Care Family Services, we understand that elderly people want to remain independent but receive the care they need at the same time.  We also understand that grown children are often overwhelmed by caring for [...]

Find the Perfect Caregiver for your Loved One

Finding the right caregiver can be a challenge.  Whether you are looking for a caregiver for an elderly person, a child, a baby or for a person with a disability, Loving Care Family Services can help.  We offer the best services for your loved ones.  Loving Care Family Services offers experienced, professional Caregivers who will treat [...]

Let Our Caregiver Agency Provide Relief and Respite to You and Your Loved Ones

As parents age and require more assistance, it can become difficult to care for them in terms of scheduling, finances and health related issues.  Hiring a caregiver for an elderly or sick parent is a very difficult decision.  As people age, autonomy and independence may become very important to them as they recall the days [...]

We Offer Caregivers for your Parents or Grandparents

It is often difficult to talk about the health of elderly people when it begins to deteriorate. Many times elderly people are unable to get the full help they need from their children or friends, who have their own careers and family to keep them busy. When it comes to your parents and grandparents, you [...]

Professional Caregivers for Your Loved Ones

Sometimes circumstances move people into the scenario of caring for their loved ones. However, many families might find it challenging and emotionally overwhelming to provide their loved ones with a caring and responsive environment and call for professional help. Loving Care Family Services makes it possible for your loved ones who are ill or elderly [...]

Caregiver: A Blessing in Disguise

As adults we often believe our parents are invincible. We look to them in times of trouble as well as share with them our joys and happiness. Never do we want to admit they might need help. A caregiver (care giver) provider is often a blessing in disguise. At times children don’t want to come [...]

Caregivers: The Perfect Fit Between You and Your Family

"Thank you so much Ilana for finding us such a wonderful caregiver for my mom. The decision to hire a live-in caregiver was not an easy one to make as although she is suffering from Alzheimer's she is still fairly independent and hadn't been ready to accept that she needed any assistance. After the family [...]