On-call Eldercare Made Easy

On-call eldercare is made easy with a single call to Loving Care Family Services. Not to worry, within mere hours we have the ability to dispatch an experienced caregiver to tend to your elderly loved one. You can depend on our reliable, compassionate service and stress free assistance. We’ve been successfully providing family care services [...]

A Sense of Humour In On-call Eldercare

A sense of humour goes a long way, especially when it comes to on-call eldercare. Laughter is in fact the best medicine of all. When providing care to seniors, humour can actually be utilized as an effective tool for a caregiver. Aside from just simply bringing a smile to a person’s face, the respiratory action [...]

Compassion In On-call Eldercare

At Loving Care Family Services we value and appreciate knowing that our clients and placements are happily in a mutually satisfying relationship where everyone is cared for with respect and compassion. When it comes to the care of seniors, this is no exception, even with our on-call eldercare. Whether it is a short care giving [...]

Sudden Change Can Require On-call Eldercare

Change is a constant in our lives, that we know is true, yet when life moves along in all its’ daily routines and tasks, sometimes big change falls upon us suddenly and we’re just not prepared for it. One day your parents are vibrant and active, and then it seems like all of a sudden [...]

Only a Matter of Time When On-call Eldercare Becomes Essential

There comes a time later in everyone’s life when some compassionate, loving care can be a matter of life or death. Especially when home from the hospital, recovering from surgery, when taking medications and post-op care is essential. When you and other relatives are unable to be there for the seniors in your family, consider [...]