At Loving Care Family Services we value and appreciate knowing that our clients and placements are happily in a mutually satisfying relationship where everyone is cared for with respect and compassion. When it comes to the care of seniors, this is no exception, even with our on-call eldercare. Whether it is a short care giving placement or more long term, compassion drives all our caregivers and we take pride in only providing the very best care for your loved ones.

Positive Feedback in Senior Care

We receive plenty of positive feedback from the care giving services we provide, and all client input is good in that it allows us to continually improve and strive to provide all seniors with the optimal kindness and care they so rightly deserve regardless of their state of mental or physical health. We ensure our on-call eldercare service providers are well trained and versed in all matters relating to senior care, and we pride ourselves on our compassionate customer service and loving care.

Positive Exceptions in Eldercare

There are always exceptions, and we’ve been blessed with positive ones, in that some of our eldercare workers go above and beyond even our expectations. Care of seniors goes far beyond just medication, meals and bathing, it extends to mental and emotional well being, physical comfort and compassionate friendship. Sometimes people just need a bit of company, an ear, a shoulder or some shared laughter. Laughter is the best medicine after all, and sharing is caring indeed.

On-call After Fall and Overall

A few of our senior care workers read to their clients. One such woman, who has been a long time on-call eldercare provider with Loving Care Family Services for many years, enjoys reading Dr. Seuss books to many of her clients. It may sound a bit childish to some, but she swears it helps with cognitive faculties and sometimes a rhythm stems from the readings that supports physical movement and most certainly fun. The print is large enough and the images are clear to see so sometimes clients read to her if they feel like it. She’s memorized most of them and says her children grew out of their collection of Dr. Seuss books many years ago so now she keeps a box of them in her car for when she’s out providing on-call services to seniors.

Seniors Share Life Experiences

Another one of our senior care providers actually kept a separate journal at one of her client’s homes where she would write down the stories that would be shared with her recounting her client’s experiences during WWII. She started writing down the stories when she was told by her client that he wished he wrote a book that he could share with his grandchildren. He never had the heart to tell them about his experiences during the war because he just couldn’t bring himself to see anything but smiles on their faces. Many of his stories were heart wrenching, quite sad and really not good story telling for children, but each one of his experiences had a lesson to be learned that he wanted to impart to his grandchildren, mainly to be more compassionate, understanding and grateful for the beauty and sacredness of life.

We Are Our Name

We believe that eldercare is more than just caring for the basic physical needs of seniors. There’s an emotional, mental and energetic component that cannot be dismissed in care giving. We’re pleased that our caregivers also recognize the importance of the whole person with all of their aspects and individualities. The elders in our society have much to share with us, they have experienced a great deal, and as they settle into their older age they appreciate the acknowledgement and ability to pass on their lessons and blessings. It is our honour and pleasure to be able to provide the best compassionate care to seniors in Toronto, the GTA and throughout Ontario. When you’re looking for senior care for your elder parent, we hope you contact us. We are Loving Care Family Services, and we are our name.