It’s not a simple task to balance work and caregiving for an older family member. It’s a constant struggle that can almost consume someone that is pigeonholed as both the family caregiver and family breadwinner. Although you might find satisfaction in caregiving as well as providing for your family among other things, doing so comes at a cost.

Caregiving may require sacrifices such as more flexibility at work as well as more time to take off. As a result, you are provided with fewer opportunities to advance in personal and professional endeavors. There could be other financial costs as well, aside from the lost days of work.

When it becomes too stressful to juggle both work and caregiving responsibilities, the caregiver can very easily become overwhelmed and even experience “burn out.” It might be a better financial solution to hire an in-home private elderly care provider than to lose your position, or for that matter, your career.

One reason why family members are reluctant to hire professional in-home elderly careservices is that they feel guilt. They feel that if they don’t take care of their older family members, such as a parent, on their own, they are letting that family member down, or in fact even letting themselves down. They think that because their parents took care of them, they feel obliged to return the favour.

However the two situations are very different. A child is learning and growing requiring less help as s/he gets older whereas an elderly person is losing his/her ability to do things and needs more help as time goes by.

Many women have left the workforce to assume the caregiving role on a full-time basis. However, It is not necessary. The home care industry has filled in and there are many experienced, well-qualified, highly skilled and compassionate caregivers out there. They are good at what they do and they love to assist the elderly.

There is nothing wrong with making the choice to hire a caregiver so you can pursue other endeavors. Many caregivers that have moved on and hired in-home care for their elderly parents have experienced increases in energy, improved relationships with family members and overall satisfaction in their careers.

How you balance everything is ultimately your choice. Just remember that in-home private elderly care providers are there to help you. Whether you need just a few hours each week or every day, Loving Care Family Services is only a phone call away.