Babysitting is a very challenging and demanding job that requires a babysitter to have specific childcare skills and abilities. Our babysitting candidates also truly enjoy being with children. At Loving Care Family Services, we have helped hundreds of families to find the right babysitters for their children. All selected candidates are qualified and experienced professionals who are able to take care of children of different ages from infants and toddlers to elder children. Our babysitters are dedicated to meet each individual’s needs and possess all required set of skills depending on the child’s age level.

At Loving Care Family Services, our babysitters strive to provide children with a safe and caring environment. All selected candidates receive detailed instructions and guidelines for house rules and unexpected situations. All our babysitters are fully prepared to deal with special cases and emergencies. Our babysitter can choose age-appropriate activities and games that will add to your child’s development, however will always follow the house rules and implement them.


When you need to take a break from your daily routine, Loving Care Family Services will help you find a reliable babysitter who can temporarily take care of your loved ones. At Loving Care Family Services, all prospective candidates go through a detailed selection process which helps us to assess and evaluate their qualifications and background. This enables us to find the right babysitter who can take care of children depending on the age level. We offer the best childcare and eldercare services in Toronto as well as provide our clients with temporary and on-call babysitting services.

At Loving Care Family Services, we are dedicated to the safety and happiness of your children. Our goal is to provide families with the most exceptional and affordable babysitting services in Toronto and the GTA.