“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” It’s funny in some YouTube videos, but it’s really not when that line hits close to home. Like a grand piano falling from the sky, it hits fast and hard. All of a sudden, you now have an elderly parent to take care of, like right now! Your elder parent now shoots up to the top of your priority list and immediate action is required. Loving Care Family Services wants you to know that there are people you can call to get help quickly, without having to be put on some kind of waiting list. When you contact us we rapidly assess your eldercare needs and are able to dispatch fantastic on-call senior care, sometimes within mere hours.

One Fall Can Change Lives

Many things can result from a senior falling, like a concussion, even knee or hip surgery. A fall that happens in mere seconds can result in months and years of healing. That kind of unfortunate event can significantly change a life, for others in the family as well. If you are the one to provide ongoing care for your injured parent, then you are being taken away from time with your family, friends, work and leisure, hence your life will be changed considerably and will have a ripple effect. Relationships can become strained, emotions like resentment, frustration and even exhaustion can ensue. That stress can all be avoided with the excellent eldercare that we at Loving Care Family Services pride ourselves on providing.

Independence Can Trip Into Incompetence

In many cases seniors are pretty resilient and feisty, especially after raising a family of their own. For the most part they will go about their days fiercely independent and won’t let much get in the way of what they want to do. Aside from the minor aches and pains of aging, they accomplish much and often put younger people to shame in what they can get done in a day. Then, out-of-the-blue, a small slip and this could unleash a whole new way of life. A fall that would for a younger person result in some scrapes and bruises now diminishes the mobility of an elder parent and help is required. Common routine daily tasks become much more difficult, sometimes even impossible without a bit of assistance. The body tires more easily thanks to the pain of the resulting injury and a feeling of incompetence can ensue. Eldercare now becomes an issue that needs to be quickly addressed, and if there’s no one available in the family to provide that daily care, it will have to be sourced and found. That’s where we come in.

One Call For On-call

One call to Loving Care Family Services can address all your senior care needs. We only place the best caregivers for seniors in Toronto, the GTA and across Ontario, and we can often dispatch within hours if your need is that immediate. Our compassionate caregivers are quite experienced and well versed in caring for the elderly. They easily understand medication schedules, nutrition, mobility issues and even physiotherapy exercises, all to ensure that your elder parent maintains healing and comfort. We offer many forms of care for the elderly, from on-call to palliative. When you contact us, simply explain the situation, we will of course ask you some important questions, and together we will get your aging parent the very best care they so rightly deserve. We pride ourselves on loving care.