We get letters from many of the families we place full time nannies with, thanking us for finding them exactly what they needed and hoped for. At Loving Care Family Services we appreciate knowing that our clients and placements are mutually happy. It’s important for us to find out as much about our caregivers as we possibly can, no stone left unturned, so that we are successful in our placements.

Letters from Children about Their Full Time Nanny

Our favourite letters come to us from children. They convey to us the solid relationships they have been able to forge with their full time caregivers and how it makes them feel. The children share delightful stories with us that make our hearts beam with happiness and pride knowing that we were able to facilitate families with successful placements. We thought it would be nice to share a few snippets of some letters from children we’ve received that really made us smile. Of course we protect the identities and confidentiality of all members of the families we place our caregivers with, so only the first names and ages will be used here.

Nanna Mimi

“Thank you for Nanna Mimi. I don’t want to hurt Mom’s feelings, but Nanna Mimi’s banana pancakes are better than Mommy’s. Nanna Mimi says it’s nutmeg and she can never put the same love in her pancakes that Mom does even though she tries her best to. Mom is happier since Nana Mimi came to live here and she has more time to make crafts with me because she doesn’t have to do the laundry anymore.” Cassy 6

Full Time Live in Nanny Gloria

“My baby brother is always making a mess. He’s cute but he’s always knocking something over and it made Mom late for work a lot. Since our nanny Gloria started living here Mom is never late for work and she always sits with us for breakfast and dinner. I’m glad my brother is messy or we wouldn’t have Gloria.” David 7

Nanny Lynn

“Thank you Loving Care Family Services for helping my Mom and Dad find our new nanny, Lynn. We had six other full time nannies live at our house last year and none of them were any good. I thought if my parents didn’t find someone soon they would make me stay home and take care of the twins. Then Mom called you and you sent Lynn here to meet us and she moved in that night. I’ve never been more happier, same with Mom and Dad, and the twins don’t scream as much since Lynn came here.” Marissa 9

Nanna BooBoo

“My Nanna BooBoo is the best. She loves me and my brothers and we love her too. Mom said you found her and I should thank you. I didn’t know Nanna BooBoo was lost. She lives with us now and we can take good care of her like she does. Thank you.” Michael 6

Philipino Nanny Ida

“Our nanny Ida is from the Philippines, and a few months after she moved into our house I had a school project I had to do on a country of our choice. I picked the Philippines and Ida taught me so much, I got an A+ on my project. She even took me to a Pilipino grocery store and we cooked some traditional food for my family. My mom thinks I have the talent to be a world renowned chef. I’m undecided, but I want to visit the Philippines when I grow up and hopefully I can go meet Ida’s family there. She misses them, so our family gives her extra love. Thanks for sending Ida to live with us. We love her and that was the first A+ I ever got at school” Tashia 11

More Letters Of Thanks Keep Coming

There’s so many more letters we receive from families and children throughout Toronto and the GTA that our agency has placed full time nannies with. Maybe we’ll share more here on our blog in future posts. It’s so good to know that what we love to do most we do very well. Feedback from our families, especially from the children, is always appreciated and we would like to thank them all for sharing their stories and gratitude with us. Contact us if you would like to find your family an awesome caregiver. We are Loving Care.