Are you having nightmares about having to hire a nanny for your wonderful children because your busy work schedule has left you no other option? Many things could lead to this. You may be feeling overwhelmed with your current  responsibilities, or your daycare may closing for the summer break? Loving Care Family Services is devoted to matching exceptional and trustednannies with families. We proudly service Toronto and the GTA.

When our clients hire nannies from Loving Care Family Services, they are assured that their children will be under the highest quality supervision and will receive the required level of attention, care and education. At Loving Care Family Services, we ensure that all nannycandidates are able to demonstrate a high level of professionalism and dedication while dealing with children and even parents. Our nannies provide great value and quality care to the families while creating a safe, caring and fun environment. Our nannies are also trained to enhance and contribute to the child’s physical emotional and intellectual development. No matter what your circumstances might be, our Loving Care Family Services will find a competent and qualifiednanny to meet your needs. So if you are feeling any of the below symptoms, have no fear. You are not alone.

  • Your child doesn’t thrive in a daycare center environment
  • Your daycare center is closing for the summer or long holiday break
  • You need extra help to do routine tasks and light household work including meal preparation, cleaning and laundry
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed with picking up your child from school or daycare center


Why did we start our Loving Care Family Services in order to service Toronto and the GTA? At Loving Care Family Services, our team of devoted and competent professionals are caring and loving parents themselves. Having realized how frustrating and time-consuming the process of finding and choosing the right nanny for a child could be, our team decided to establish an exceptional service which would help the families to find the right fit.

Loving Care Family Services will release your frustration while giving an exception and funnanny experience for your treasured children!
We proudly service Toronto and all of the GTA.