No matter if you’re a parent, a child or another member of the family, divorce is not an easy experience to go through. Even pets go through an adjustment before a new order becomes comfortable and relaxed into a routine. When two parental figures are not present to carry the workload of raising a family and maintaining the household, the loss of assistance and support is felt by all. Li`ve out nannies can become a breath of fresh air and a helpful tool for many families experiencing divorce. Shared custody and visitation means a second home for almost all of the children involved, and loving parents wish to maintain or even enhance the well being and comfort of their off spring. It’s our nature to do so, even when it becomes difficult, we strive to provide.

Stepping It up in Childcare

The divorce rate in our country is over 40% which means that at least 4 in 10 marriages end in divorce. A great many of those involve children, and in the past ten years we’ve found more and more divorced parents contacting us for live out childcare. Many couples who divorce have to step-it-up as a single parent, taking on double the work and responsibility of childcare. If they haven’t had to before, the situation may change with most single mothers who must find work or even a second income to keep up with the bills. Fathers, who were primarily the “bread winners” in the family, have to rapidly domesticate themselves to step into a more matriarchal role with their children. Most often a second home is involved where a parent provides their children with space to eat, sleep and play. Once a schedule is established, it can become a challenge for each parent to spend quality time with their children when there are so many care giving tasks to accomplish like laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. It does get easier when everyone relaxes into a routine, yet the emotional impact of divorce affects everyone differently and quality time with each other becomes paramount.

Live out Nannies Allow for Quality Time

We have a few families, that employ our full time live out nanny services, who have experienced divorce and really needed help with childcare. Some of them requested that the nanny follows the children in the sense that the same caregiver is available for the children at both homes to maintain consistency and healthy routines. The parents of all of the families in this situation with us were more than pleased and grateful for the quality time they were able to spend with their children during such a challenging adjustment period. We’re happy to say that almost all of our placements in these families are still with them today.

One Loving Care Example

Here’s one example of a divorced family Loving Care Family Services provided a full time caregiver for, Monday to Thursday the nanny would arrive at the Mother’s home two hours before the three children came home from school. She would let herself in, gather laundry, tidy up and make a healthy snack for the kids to come home to. The nanny would prepare dinner for the family and the Mother arrived home from work just in time to sit at the dinner table with her children. The nanny would clean up and do laundry allowing the Mother to spend quality, undisturbed time with the kids all the way to bedtime. Each Thursday, after dinner clean up, the nanny would prepare the children’s bags for the next three days at their Father’s home. On Friday afternoons the nanny would go to the Father’s house, only 4 blocks away, and prepare for the children arriving home from school. Their healthy snack would be ready for them when they came busting through the door, and the nanny would stay to care for the children, prepare meals, laundry, etc., until Sunday morning allowing their Father to enjoy his quality time with the kids. Monday afternoon would come and that same nanny would arrive at the Mother’s home again for another exciting week of loving care.

Childcare Is Not Difficult

Divorce can be a very difficult situation, but childcare doesn’t have to be. We’re here to help. At Loving Care Family Services we have a plethora of knowledge and over a decade of experience providing top quality care giving services to families in Toronto, across the GTA and throughout Ontario. Contact us today and let us know how we can be of service to you.