A nanny is not a replacement for any family member. Nannies are enhancements in families, able to offer assistance for the betterment of all in the household. Being in such close proximity, it’s difficult not to feel love and compassion for the family. Providing care and assistance comes from a place of love, so it’s completely natural. Therefore, when it comes time to say ‘good bye’, full time live out nannies resonate that love, especially when they realize they won’t be seeing the family again the next days to come. It’s actually quite beautiful, the ‘good bye’. The children have grown, family needs are significantly reduced to manageable, and ways are parted to branch off anew. Sometimes a situation may arise that ends a nanny’s placement before the family’s need for care has ended. In times such as these, Loving Care Family Services is available to quickly find the family a suitable placement for the departing caregiver. If you find yourself in such a situation, please contact us, we’re here to help.

Live Out Childcare Feedback

At Loving Care Family Services we always enjoy receiving feedback from our families, and we like to hear from our caregivers as well. We appreciate the input from both sides as it helps us to learn and grow stronger so we can be of better service to all. As providers of live out childcare, we get extreme enjoyment out of hearing from children and the letters we receive are priceless to us. We equally like hearing from our placements especially when they tell us about their heart warming ‘good bye’ stories. We thought it would be nice to share a couple of their memories here.

Full Time Live Out Nanny Says Good Bye

Here’s a recollection from a full time live out nanny of her final ‘good bye’ to a young man she cared for and watched grow. “I chased him around the house, convinced him green vegetables are power foods, bandaged all his ‘bike booboos’, and now he’s a young man off to university. When I packed his suitcases I was shocked to realize how much he’d grown. It felt like only yesterday his clothes had gone from doll size to tall man. Hope he remembers to separate his laundry and not shrink anything in the dryer. I have so many good memories with this family it was nice to share some of them with him in the driveway before he left. I hope he enjoys his days away at university. My heart hurts to say good bye knowing I wouldn’t see him again, but it was nice to see what a good person he grew to be. I’m very proud of him and will miss him and the whole family.”

One Live Out Nanny was Happy with Her Replacement

Although sad to leave the family, this live out nanny was pleased that it was a grandparent that would be providing daily care for the children: “It was wonderful to see the children with their Grandmother. She has so much energy and easily does everything for them. I know it was difficult for her after her husband died and she was so far away from the family. Her moving in to care for the children is as good for her as it is for them. I’m sad to not see the children each day but I’m so happy they will be with their grandmother who is an amazing woman that loves them very much.”

Families Find Help Here

At Loving Care Family Services we understand ‘good bye’ can be bitter sweet. Our families and live out nannies tell us so. One door closes and a new chapter opens. If your family requires a caregiver and is in Toronto or across the GTA, give us a call. We have the experience and connections to quickly find you a suitable placement that your entire family will benefit from.