Energy is everything, and healthy, happy children seem to be surrounded by good energy. Positive words and actions, active bodies and minds, healthy habits and imaginative play all contribute to a child’s well being. When interviewing full time live out nannies you hope to find competence, reliability and good energy in a suitable placement for your family. You most likely want someone whose energy is compatible with your children’s and even compliments their happiness. It’s quite pointless to hire a tree stump to care for a couch potato. A positively energetic and competent caregiver is what most families seek and expect to welcome into their home.

A Good Nanny Should Be an Enhancement to a Family

Most often parents hope to find a caregiver of like-mind who is well-suited to the needs of their family. A live out nanny is not a replacement of any kind, consider it more of an enhancement to the family in the sense that additional assistance is provided allowing parents and children the opportunity to focus more on their relationships with each other. In our busy lives sometimes if feels as though making time for one another is akin to holding water in your bare hands. Alleviating potentially isolating household tasks that occupy time, like laundry and cleaning, allows parents more quality time with their children to bond and grow. In parents’ absence, peace of mind is achieved knowing that their children are in the hands of experienced, reliable childcare.

Caregivers Promote Healthy Activity

For healthy growth, practically every child can benefit from the positive energy that physical activity, fresh air, nature, sunshine and laughter can provide. Sure the internet is awesome… you can watch videos, play any game (is your homework done?) and have hours of fun melt away into bedtime (brush your teeth). Screens are great, but moving your body, breathing fresh air and feasting your eyes on Mother Nature’s organic pixels will go a long way in your future health. Many discerning parents seek a full time caregiver that will encourage their children to be active, both physically and mentally to engage their creative imagination. Aside from preparing meals, laundry, tidying up and minding the children, our caregivers step up to ensure the well being of the children they care for.

Compile a Wish List to Find Your Nanny

A full time live out nanny is skilled at housekeeping and childcare and should be well-matched to you and your children’s needs. Each family will have their own unique requirements from their live out childcare provider. Before you begin your search and conduct any interviews, take the time to compile a comprehensive wish list of all the attributes you seek in a caregiver along with your family’s requirements. This list will prove most beneficial, whether you employ the assistance of a reputable placement agency, like Loving Care Family Services, or go it alone to find and interview candidates yourself. Being clear about your needs and expectations will more easily narrow down your search and attract your optimal nanny.

We Can Help You

We’ve been assisting parents for over ten years in finding and securing the best childcare available in Toronto and throughout the GTA. It pleases us to find well-matched placements of experienced, reliable nannies for all our families, and we get more word of mouth advertising with each passing year. To find out more about us, visit our website and check out our services. We love what we do and what we do best is in our name… we provide Loving Care Family Services and we look forward to meeting you.