You recently had a baby but your maternity leave is almost over and you have to return to work. You are now looking to hire a child care provider such as a nanny. But how do you find and choose a good nanny for your family?

When hiring a nanny you want someone that you feel comfortable with and that you trust to look after your family. Get recommendations from friends or neighbours about a nanny they may have used. Look into her references and talk with past employers to get a feel for what type of nanny she is. Have a phone, as well as, face-to-face interviews so you can get to know her a bit and see how she interacts with your child before hiring.

Once you have found a nanny that meets your requirements you should create a written contract that outlines what you expect of your nanny. This includes what her hours are, what housework you want her to do, benefits and paid time off if relevant. You should let her know of any existing routines so that the transition to a nanny isn’t as traumatic on your child. You may also want to suggest activities for her to do with your child.

Loving Care Family Services is an agency that can help you find the best child care provider that is compatible with your family and its needs. All of our caregivers and nannies undergo an extensive interview process, including identification and verification of their status in Canada. We perform a background check as well as comprehensive reference checking. Our nannies are required to have at least two years of relevant work experience and a high school diploma with additional certifications being an asset.

Whether you are looking for live-in, full-time or part-time child care services in Toronto or theGTA, Loving Care Family Services has got you covered.