It’s time. You and your family have made the decision that it’s time to get a little extra help to assist your aging loved one with their daily activities. Not that full time help is necessarily required at this point, you just want an experienced  caregiver to pop in on a casually scheduled basis and offer some assistance to perform tasks that have become a little too much for your loved one to safely handle on their own. Not to worry. One call to Loving Care Family Services can make it happen to secure on-call senior care that can fill in the blanks when no one in the family is available to provide care. Peace of mind is readily available to your entire family when you know your loved one is in good hands.

Step into Senior Shoes

Seniors may find themselves facing a lot of challenges as they age, particularly if their health is of concern. Each day has the potential to pose a new struggle, a fresh frustration leading to arising limitations. Desires may be forced to change. Simple tasks can bring forth unwanted situations. If you’re wondering about bringing in care for an elder parent, put on a pair of senior shoes for a moment and consider a situation as simple as this: you’ve made yourself a sandwich and you’d like to enjoy a pickle or two with it. There’s a struggle to open the jar so you put in some extra effort which leads to a crazy pain that flares up in your hand and runs up your arm. Forget about the pickles, you now have an unexpected and rather debilitating ache to contend with. You abandon your sandwich because hunger has been replaced with pain that has now rendered your arm temporarily useless. You can’t even think about food right now, even though the scheduled medication you must take requires a full stomach. Your day has suddenly transformed into a new unwanted issue and you realize that you’d really appreciate someone around to help you right now. No one is there and it’ll be a while before someone visits. You could call a family member for help, but everyone is busy with their own lives at work, in school and caring for their own children. You feel that you don’t want to burden them, it’s not like it’s an emergency or anything, it’s a pickle jar and you probably just aggravated your arm twisting in a strange way. Your mood has dampened and you try to comfort yourself by resting in your chair. You still haven’t eaten, nor did you take your medication. Any movement involving your hand or arm involves pain and you’re at a loss as to what to do. So you sit and hope that time will pass, the pain will subside and your appetite will return. After finding a comfortable position in your chair, you drift off to sleep, still without having eaten, drinking any water or taking your medication. A little eldercare popping in from time to time or daily even, would make situations like these much easier to get through, and far healthier.

The Compassionate Energy of On-call Eldercare

On-call eldercare is a service we provide that can work with fluctuating schedules. Our experienced, reliable caregivers are dispatched to offer assistance with regular routines, daily tasks, medication schedules, meals and more. They’re able to identify and point out areas of health concern that may require further examination. Seniors are less likely to feel as if they are burdening a caregiver like they would by calling upon a family member for help. There’s a comfort level established between the elder and the caregiver mainly because both are on the exact same page. Our caregivers encompass the compassionate energy required to provide optimal assistance, even with simple things like opening up a jar of pickles!

Exceptional Eldercare is One Call Away

If you’ve decided that it’s time to bring in some help, consider contacting Loving Care Family Services. We have the ability to rapidly dispatch exceptional senior care to put your mind at ease. For over a decade now we’ve been successfully caring for families, children and seniors throughout Toronto and the GTA. Have a look at our services and please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We’re here to help provide the loving care you seek to compassionately provide.