At Loving Care Family Services we respect and honour the privacy and confidentiality of all the families that we place caregivers with, so we don’t ever share names or details, only experiences through nameless stories. Over the past decade we’ve noticed big changes in the family dynamic, and we’re so pleased that we’ve been able to assist many families with the best care, for both child and senior. Our live out nannies have expanded their abilities to offer loving care to all members of the family, regardless of family requirements and differing dynamics.

The MashUp In Caregiving

A few families we’ve provided care for had specific requirements where both childcare and senior assistance was needed, and in these cases a live out caregiver was the best solution for them. With these families the situation was such that both parents had very busy work schedules that had them away from their small children for much of the week, and although they had an elder parent living with them minding the children, it was beginning to become too much for the grandparent to handle on their own. Loving Care Family Services was able to assist these families in finding the best solution for them.

For one of our families, we placed a live out nanny that would arrive at the home each day, Monday to Friday, to prepare breakfast for the family – Mother, Father, two preschool aged children and their Grandmother. The family enjoyed having that time together at the breakfast table each morning, especially since they didn’t always get to be together for dinners during the week. Throughout the day, the nanny would provide childcare, prepare meals, do laundry and also ensure that the Grandmother would take her medications on time. The family really appreciated the extra help because it gave Grandma the opportunity to spend quality time with the children without getting exhausted trying to keep up with the care giving demands of the little ones. After only a few weeks with their live out nanny, both parents and the Grandmother reported they were much less stressed and their relationships and energy levels improved.

Same Same Like Like

We’ve also had experience with couples who have adopted children from other countries, and these families had specific requests for a live out nanny from the same region as the children. One couple in particular was very successful, had a lot of love and security to give and they adopted an infant brother and sister from Asia. To bridge the culture gap, they insisted on childcare from the same country as the children. Happily we were able to provide them with a wonderful live out nanny from a neighbouring village to where the children were born. It was like a match made in heaven, the nanny was able to help the children’s transition and educate the couple, all the while strengthening the bond between children and parents. By the time the children were of age to begin school, they spoke two languages and had the self confidence to easily interact and make friends with children of varying backgrounds.

We Appreciate Helping Families

We appreciate being able to help find the best caregivers for families, regardless of the dynamics. It gives us such pleasure to know that our placements not only work out well, but they also enhance the lives of all family members. We have been successfully placing top quality service in family homes throughout Toronto, GTA and across Ontario for over ten years now, and we absolutely love what we do. Contact us today with your family requirements and let us show you what we do best…find the right live out nanny fit for you.