If you had to describe your life in one word, one of the first things that would probably come to your mind would be “busy”. Sometimes you will need a hand in taking care of your children. Hiring a nanny is an option. Nannies become a part of the family; they take care of your loved ones and are a huge part of their lives. When you think about hiring a nanny, there are some traits that a nanny should possess.

The first thing that you need to look for in a person you are considering as a nanny is their love of children. Another is enthusiasm. Having to work long hours and deal with responsibilities, a nanny’s enthusiasm is crucial to the child. Besides responsible, a nanny has to be fun, because after all, that is what childhood is about.

A nanny, who will be the decision maker in different everyday situations, such as health, safety and overall well being, is expected to have common sense. Common sense is something that you can’t teach someone; it is natural.

A trustworthy and reliable nanny is expected. Parents need someone that they can trust and count on. Punctuality is a characteristic that is very important when hiring nannies as well. Remember that not only the parents, but also the children have schedules that must be followed. An organized nanny will take both into consideration and make it work for everyone involved.

Hiring a nanny is a difficult decision. Take some time to analyze their resume and ask questions whenever necessary. At Loving Care Family Services, we have nannies that meet all the above criteria. They are loving, responsible and fun. The perfect fit for you and your family. Loving Care Family Services offers qualified nannies in Toronto and the GTA.