Loving Care Family Services sympathize with parents. While we all want the best for our children, not every parent can give the full attention to their children when needed.

A Nanny is a great solution for parents who do not always have time for their children, parents who work all day or have to do other activities. A nanny takes care of your children while you are doing your own work.

Loving Care Family Services is a nanny agency, offering nannies that are specialized in child care. It is important that your child gets the right care. It is also important that you have a specialized nanny, as in many ways it’s a big part of your child’s education. We do not want you to feel the need to worry about your children when you are not at home.

Here are some topics of the interview process between Loving Care Family Services, the nanny agency and the nanny:

  • During the interview process we require identification and status in Canada verification
  • We inquire about their certifications
  • We inquire about their education
  • We inquire about their work experience
  • We test their comprehension skills
  • We test their level of English


Your nanny will leave the house as clean when she entered it. Responsibilities of the nanny can include:

  • Laundry: prepared to wash the children’s clothes
  • Cooking: the nanny may be cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. This depends on how long a day the nanny will take care of your child.
  • Shopping: it is the responsibility of the nanny to do some grocery shopping if it is necessary.

A Nanny from Loving Care Family Services can be hired fulltime or part-time, on a live-in or live-out basis.

Patience and responsible attitude are essential qualities of a good nanny. Some of us at Loving Care Family Services are mothers; we only take on nannies that we would personally trust and hire to care of our own children. This is a conscious attempt to perform our due diligence in knowing that we are doing our very best to blend future families and nannies together inToronto and the GTA.