The reason nanny cams were invented was so families can watch over the nannies they hired to care for their children.

We have all heard terrible stories of how nannies are neglecting the very people who they are being hired to care of in Toronto and the GTA.

This article isn’t to scare people into not hiring nannies. On the contrary, this article is meant to be informative because at the end of the day nannies take care of the people who are most precious to us – our children.

Loving Care Family Services is dedicated to finding the most suitable nanny for your needs. We pride ourselves in spending time to carefully review each nannies background and professional qualifications to ensure suitability.

Loving Care Family Services Implements a Thorough Process When Screening Nannies in Toronto and the GTA

  • Nannies are given an in-depth in person interview. During the interview process we require identification and status in Canada verification.
  • We inquire about the nannies work experience, education and certifications and have an opportunity to check their English and comprehension skills.
  • After the interview process we check the nannies work references.
  • We verify all of the nannies’ professional certificates and diplomas if applicable.
  • At that point, we decide if we will represent them.

Checking a nannies work reference is something we take very seriously for the obvious reasons. Loving Care Family Services only takes nannies with strong references and a proven track record.

Some of us at Loving Care Family Services are mothers; we only take on nannies that we would personally trust and hire to care of our own children. This is a conscious attempt to perform our due diligence in knowing we are doing our very best to blend future families and nannies together in Toronto and the GTA.