On-call eldercare is made easy with a single call to Loving Care Family Services. Not to worry, within mere hours we have the ability to dispatch an experienced caregiver to tend to your elderly loved one. You can depend on our reliable, compassionate service and stress free assistance. We’ve been successfully providing family care services for well over a decade now, and we’re becoming known as a ‘go to’ for care giving in the city.

Obstacles in Finding Eldercare

It can be difficult to go through the various obstacles to obtain suitable care for an aging family member requiring assistance. There are government supported agencies that offer help, however many times a waiting list or lengthy process is involved, and there may not be time for that. You may find your need is more urgent, and failing to actually be able to be there yourself to administer care, you could be hard pressed to secure eldercare on a tight schedule. That’s where we come in. One call to us can quickly secure the help you need, no matter the circumstances.

Saving Relationships

Over the past ten years or so there seems to be a more growing trend where many single adults are living with and caring for an elderly parent. The familiarity and comfort of having a loved one at home to care for them offers a strong sense of security for the senior. However, it can become a little draining at times for the adult child, particularly when they wish to also have a life of their own. Going off and doing their own thing can become more of a challenge as the aging parent’s health deteriorates. Pretty soon the child becomes confined to the parent’s care and frustration may arise in the relationship. Our on-call senior care service a day or two a week may be a great solution to alleviate stress and strain on the child/parent bond. It’s worth looking into for the benefit of both. Visit our website to view our services and give us a call to discuss your needs.

On-Call for Post-Op

If you’re in a situation where your elderly parent is returning home from hospital after a surgery, and you’ve got gaps in the day/week where they may be left alone because no one in the family or friends can be present to administer care, please give us a call. We can arrange to fill in the blank spots with excellent post-op senior care. Our on-call eldercare services are perfect for situations such as these. All of our caregivers are very experienced in assisting seniors with post surgical procedures, medication schedules, nutritional meals, and so on. You won’t have to worry that your loved one is being left alone to fend for themselves. Your peace of mind will reside in knowing we’re there to ensure everything is done correctly to achieve maximum comfort and best possible recovery.

Forget Me Not

When your elder parent is becoming a little absentminded, possibly forgetting to take pertinent medications, or maybe showing some signs of being unable to perform simple routine tasks like making a cup of tea or a sandwich to eat, it may be a good time to consider some additional care. You may not even be certain what’s required initially and would like to assess the situation before committing to a full care schedule. An on-call scenario might work best in this case. As patterns of memory gaps and forgetfulness are identified pertaining to basic health, such as missing medications and meals, we can arrange an on-call schedule that initially helps, and then adjust it accordingly as requirements are recognized. We’re flexible enough at Loving Care Family Services to flow with the changes.

A Trusted Name in Care

Our care giving services are top notch for the entire family, and our on-call eldercare is widely utilized throughout Toronto and the GTA by a plethora of seniors. Our success resides in our customer satisfaction and we take great pride in providing the best loving care the city has to offer. We’re a trusted name in family care for over a decade. We are our name…Loving Care Family Services.