They’ve lived through a lot of experience and braved many changes over the years, so when it comes time to help out the seniors in the family, you want to honour them with providing the best possible care and comfort. It’s not the easiest thing this getting old stuff, there’s a lot to remember and even more to lose! It can be tough to even just admit help is needed, never mind knowing who to call to find suitable care. There are moments when you wish someone capable, trustworthy, compassionate and reliable could be there for your loved one. Well, with Loving Care Family Services you can put your mind at ease knowing that your caregiving needs can be met and quite possibly even exceeded when it comes to on-call senior care!

We Can be There When you Cannot with Reliable On-Call Eldercare

Loving Care Family Services offers quality short term or longer, to work with your requirements. Do you have an elder parent coming home from hospital or even recovering from surgery? We have you covered with top notch, compassionate eldercare services. Maybe your senior family member is experiencing a time of transition between living alone and assisted living, and you wish to provide a bit of extra help to them. Many parents insist on staying in their home as opposed to living in a retirement residence, yet they require additional support above what you and your family can physically provide. Simply contact us or visit our website for more information on our on-call eldercare service.

Every Situation and Person is Unique

No two people or situations are exactly the same, which is why we are flexible and thorough with our various services and options. We roll with the changes and are prepared to meet your needs and provide the comfort of suitable senior care. Full time, part time, on-call help or around the clock, we have the knowledge and skill to clearly identify what is needed so that we may place the best possible individual to effectively assist your loved one.

Need Help Yesterday? On-Call Senior Care Can be There for you & your Loved Ones

We can facilitate your immediate caregiving needs with eldercare assistance. In as little as 3-4 hours, the help you seek to provide can be in place so you and your family can rest easy knowing that getting old doesn’t have to be so rough with Loving Care Family Services in the house!

A Comfortable Fit in Eldercare

It’s not the easiest thing to adapt to so much change as the years climb in number. For the most part, seniors like their creature comforts; they relax with their routines and settle into schedules. Someone new on the scene might not get it, even though our caregivers are pretty much on-the-ball and we’re quite skilled at successful placement, we always have the ability to send a replacement if one provided is not suitably fitting. The right fit is important when providing on-call eldercare, and we take great pride in delivering satisfaction and peace of mind.

One call or email is all it takes to begin the process of securing the best possible on-call eldercare and assistance, and at Loving Care Family Services we look forward to being a part of your family caregiving needs.