Sometimes you just need a little help. When dealing with an elder parent, occasionally they may require assistance you cannot physically provide. Situations may arise from time to time where it’s better that your loved one not be left on their own to completely fend for themselves. In times such as these, on-call senior care may be the best solution to ensure all enjoy peace of mind. At Loving Care Family Services we can be of assistance to you in finding the care giving solution and help you need. Take a look at our services to find out more about what we can offer you.

On-call Caregiver For Situations Post Surgery

If you’re unable to take time off work to nurse your loved one back to health while they recover at home after a surgical procedure, call us. We can provide the loving care to set your mind at ease and aid in the recovery process, whether that’s a few days or several weeks post surgery. We have the experienced resources to quickly place an on-call caregiver that will assist with meals, post surgical responsibilities, medications, and so on. Any feelings you may have like guilt or remorse for not being available to provide the care yourself will confidently be replaced with assurance and satisfaction in our compassionate placements. Your elder parent will be assured the best care which can greatly improve recovery and well being.

Senior Care Pre-Assisted Living

It might be understood by you and your parent that it’s too premature yet for assisted living, however a little extra help here and there each day would be most beneficial. Maybe you haven’t the time or resources yourself to be there to administer care directly, especially on a daily basis, and you’re trying to figure out what to do. In situations such as this, consider making a list of the daily needs, for both your senior parent and yourself in the care and well being of your parent. With this list at hand, contact us to inquire about our senior care services and see if we can assist you with your listed needs. Our on-call services are flexible enough to give you and your loved one a chance to navigate and relax into a comfortable schedule of care that works best for all of you.

Eldercare During Transition

As your parents age, their requirements change and can even grow in number as the months and years pass. Changes may come on suddenly or they may be more like a slow moving train where you see it coming and often shrug it off for the distance observing it to be a future concern. Eldercare assistance begins to enter your vocabulary and a whole new world of responsibilities opens up to your experience. The navigation of your abilities, time and resources enter into the care giving of aging family members and you may come to the realization that it’s time to have ‘the conversation’. Should they continue to live alone? Is it time to look at retirement homes? Do they require enough assistance to warrant care giving services? Times of transition can be difficult to journey through, it may get a little awkward before a suitable solution is found and a comfortable schedule settled into. Loving Care Family Services understands that transition requires flexibility and compassion. We can help you find a caregiver that will assist in securing a beneficial schedule of reliable care and assistance during transition. Our caregivers communicate well and are observant and discerning enough to identify changes that may require attention and relay that information on to ensure the best care possible. With our on-call eldercare it’s of great benefit to have the ability to stay on top of a changing situation during transitional times such as these.

Loving Care for Your Elder Parent

In Toronto and throughout the GTA, we provide compassionately effective care for elder parents and other aging members in your family. Post surgery, pre assisted living or in transition trying to figure it all out, Loving Care Family Services is here for you and your family. We are a solutions provider in care giving services, and we love what we do so we do it well. Call us with your needs and let’s see how we can be of help to you.