There comes a time later in everyone’s life when some compassionate, loving care can be a matter of life or death. Especially when home from the hospital, recovering from surgery, when taking medications and post-op care is essential. When you and other relatives are unable to be there for the seniors in your family, consider on-call eldercare from Loving Care Family Services. We are more than capable and ready to provide you with the loving, compassionate care your loved ones need and deserve. Contact us today!

Our Name Says It All

We are in the business of providing ‘loving care’ and we all take what we do very seriously… with a smile. All our on-call senior caregivers have extensive knowledge and experience assisting the elderly; and, we diligently review, screen and background check each and every one of them. All together our compassion stems from unconditional love, and our passion comes from unity, because at the end of the day when all is said and done, we truly are just one big huge family here on this beautiful planet. At Loving Care Family Services, our family is babies, children, youth, adults and seniors (and pets, of course) and our caregivers treat all as their own. Our people are fiercely proud and dedicated to providing the best on-call eldercare and service, most likely going beyond your expectations.

Situations Where On-call Senior Care Is Necessary

  • Do you have an elderly parent who is in need of some assistance at home above and beyond what you’re physically capable of providing?
  • Bringing your parent home from hospital and want someone reliable to be there to care for them while they recover?
  • Having issues with leaving a senior home alone during the day because they’re forgetting simple things like eating, taking important medications or even turning off the stove?
  • Are you the primary caregiver and you just need some support and time to get things accomplished outside of the home?

Long term or short term, temporary or on-call, we can find you the senior care you’re looking to provide your loved ones. Our on-call senior care service can be dispatched in a matter of hours, and all of our staff are more than capable of providing optimal care to seniors and their plethora of issues and comforts.

Providing Loving Senior Care

Caring for the elderly can require very delicate and diligent effort. The needs of seniors can be quite vast, with medications, bathing, meals, etc. etc. There’s quite a bit to keep on top of and remember. Which is why we ensure that we only place qualified, skilled, intelligent people in care-giving positions, who are able to take on a diversity of tasks, instructions, schedules and deal with changes. It’s important to us that we get feedback from satisfied clients and make any improvements along the way, as we’re on our quest to be better each day at what we enjoy doing most… providing loving care to Toronto families.

Ensuring Your Satisfaction in On-Call Eldercare

Comfort is a big thing with much older people, especially when having someone new in their living space mulling about serving up foods, medications, pillows, and such. Seniors wish to feel safe, secure and have a sense of well being in their home. It’s important that there be a good, compassionate personality, and hearty strength of character to the people we place in our care-giving positions; however, if there ever is an issue of suitability or unhappiness, we’re able to quickly replace that on-call eldercare worker for another more suitable person. Your satisfaction of service is our goal and appreciation. Contact us and tell us what you need.