Hiring someone to care for an aging parent or relative is a very difficult decision, both for the caregiver and the person requiring care.  Loss of independence is the main reason elderly people resist any type of caregivers.  Adult children of parents requiring this service often think they should be taking care of their parents full time. Often times this is not possible, given the structure of society today where most families have double incomes and children. To avoid burnout, a great solution is to hire an in home private elderly care provider.  Once your loved one meets their hand-selected provider, it will become clear that their independence is not threatened. Whether you need full-time, part-time or simply respite care, Loving Care Family Services can help assess your needs and provide you with the caregiver that matches your situation best.

Our home private elderly care providers are dedicated to improving the quality of life for elderly people who require assistance, helping them with daily tasks as well as light housekeeping as required. A few hours of private elderly care at home per day can often help the primary caregiver by allowing them to take a break.  It also benefits your loved one by providing a caring, helpful person who will be eager to help.

Loving Care Family Services offers a full range of services including in home private elderly care.  Our in home elderly care providers are trained to take care of older adults in any situation, including those with physical or mental impairment. Loving Care Family Services serves our valued customers in Toronto and throughout the GTA.