In today’s modern world, it is very common for both parents to work outside the home.  This gives rise to the need for caring, professional child care providers to step in and care for your children while you are at work.  Finding suitable child care can not only be difficult, but very stressful for parents.  At Loving Care Family Services, we understand that your children mean the world to you and we take the job of providing professional, caring child care for your children very seriously.

Loving Care Family Services specializes in providing qualified, experienced child care providers for all your child care needs.  Our providers are selected using Loving Care’s rigorous employment requirements, including:

  • Must have two years of relevant experience in their choice of work
  • Must have at least one Canadian experience
  • Must have Canadian High School education or equivalent
  • Must show additional certificates and references

Our team at Loving Care Family Services wants to find the perfect match for your family situation.  Our policy on reference checks and interviews is very stringent, and we screen each applicant thoroughly to ensure your children receive the most caring, experienced child care provider possible. Loving Care Family Services is an industry leading provider of child care services, as well as a wide array of other family care services often required by families today, including elder care.  Our team will strive to exceed all your expectations in terms of quality, service, professionalism and knowledge.  Our goal is to match each family with the best child care provider possible and to meet all their needs.  We proudly serve our valued clients inToronto, Ontario and across the GTA.