As people age, it can be difficult to maintain independence, even when healthy.  Many older adults prefer to stay independent and in their own homes.  Grown children of older adults are often caregivers to their parents or other elderly loved ones, while raising their own families and perhaps working outside the home as well.  Loving Care Family Services is an in home private elderly care service provider that helps older adults stay in their own homes and offers respite to their caregivers.

At Loving Care Family Services, our team of caregivers is compassionate and efficient when providing private elderly care.  We hire caregivers that meet our high standards of care through a rigorous interview process.  Our team is made up of people who have dedicated their lives to caring for society’s elderly people.  Since 2007, Loving Care Family Services has been offering our clients dedicated care, part-time or full time, to assist with daily living with the goal of improving quality of life.

At Loving Care Family Services, our team assists with these functions, as well as others not listed:

  • Perform patient hygiene
  • Caring for patient feeding
  • Caring for the welfare of the patient, reading, walks, games, tv, following the routine that the patient and family combine in agreement
  • Monitor and administer oral medication
  • Accompany the patient on doctor visits
  • Basic care of the environment in which the patient lives through private elderly care

Our team is dedicated to improving quality of life for elderly people who require assistance with their daily tasks with private elderly care.  Providing respite care is another way to utilize our services.  Grown children of older adults can often experience burn out when caring for their own families as well as elderly loved ones often while working full time outside the home.  A few hours of private elderly care per day or per week will reassure a caregiver that their loved one is looked after to allow them some rest.

Loving Care Family Services offers a full range of services including in home private elderly care.  Our in home elderly care providers are trained to take care of older adults in any situation, including those with physical or mental impairment.  Our team offers outstanding care to families in Toronto and the GTA.