Hiring a nanny may be one of the most difficult decisions you make as a parent.  Once you have decided this is the best form of child care for you, all the advantages of a nanny become apparent.  No more rushing to day care before and after work or rushing home to prepare meals or lunches for your child.  Your time will now belong to you and your child – which is the best advantage of having a nanny.

Loving Care Family Services is a nanny agency that can provide your family with a professional, caring nanny.  We strive to exceed your expectations with our highly qualified nannies, to ensure that the best care is given to your child.  Knowing your child is well-cared for by a professional gives parents comfort, flexibility and freedom.

We take special care to ensure the nanny fits into your family.  We match based on personality, character, work history and expertise.  All of our nannies complete our extensive interview process and we check the references of each and every nanny we hire.  After the initial screening, we will provide you with a list of nannies who meet your requirements.  Nannies at Loving Care Family Services are representative of our values at Loving Care Family Services, where we are professional, respectful and caring in all aspects.

Loving Care Family Services is here to help you. We can provide full-time, part-time or temporary nannies, depending on your requirements.  We can help evaluate your needs and accommodate your requests to help you find the perfect nanny for your family.  Our nanny agency proudly serves Toronto and the GTA.