Bringing a full time nanny into your home to care for your children is a responsible decision that you may find to be a challenging one. The caregiver you welcome into your home should be competent, reliable, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and of course kindhearted. Naturally you will have to interview potential nannies to find these qualities in an individual, and even after you’ve hired one you will discover if you have made the best choice for your family in the weeks and months to follow. Sometimes you may find yourself back at the drawing board again if your selection doesn’t work out the way you hoped it to. It sure would be helpful to have someone assist you in this whole placement process. At Loving Care Family Services we provide assistance in placing the most suitable caregiver in your home, and if your first choice doesn’t work out, we’re able to rapidly provide a replacement offering you peace of mind.

Children Are Precious Treasures

Children are a treasure to be cared for and supported so that they may grow into compassionately prosperous good people in life. Full time nannies play a part in that care when they are called upon to do so. It’s not easy for loving parents to be away from their children and leave their well being in the hands of another. Confidence is gained in knowing that we only place the best caregivers with families. We do all our due diligence and meticulously strive to heavily vet each candidate before they’re interviewed by any parent. We assist families in finding the care they need and deserve, and we truly enjoy what we do!

Children Need Security of Care

Whether a parent is at home in the house or not, full time child care must offer children the safety of being well looked after. Accidents and childhood mishaps can happen in an instant, even when a set of responsible eyes are glued to the kids. Even if you had an entire security detail surrounding your children’s every move, you can still guarantee a scuffed knee here and bruises and bumps there. Children are fast moving, highly energetic creatures full of curiosity and imagination. Stuff is going to happen, and when it does children’s emotional well being is supported knowing there is someone loving there to assist them through their experience and nurse any booboos. Young people, from diapers to teenagers, prosper from a sense of security that parents and caregivers provide. Our caregivers are well versed in child development, first aid, nurturing and compassion.

Skilled Dependable Childcare

We understand that the security of knowing someone reliable, competent and loving is there to care for your children is priceless. Leaving your precious little ones in the hands of a capable full time caregiver allows you to confidently go about all your other daily tasks. Having skilled, dependable childcare in your home can produce a happy healthy environment for the entire family which can in turn stimulate good growth for the children. Ensuring children are fed well, wearing clean clothing, completing their homework and getting adequate indoor and outdoor fitness and play time is crucial for children’s overall well being.

Peace of Mind in Loving Care

For over a decade we’ve been offering peace of mind in family care giving throughout Toronto and across the GTA. Visit our website to discover more about us and the various family care services we provide. We enjoy what we do and we do it well. We are our name…Loving Care Family Services.