At Loving Care Family Services, we only represent the best. That’s why we’ve become such a popular agency to find the best full time nannies in the city. We prescreen and vet every candidate with the same scrutiny as we personally would when looking for caregivers for our own loved ones. That’s what has made us so successful with our placements over the past ten plus years. Our investigation process is such that we ask the right questions of both the families and the potential nannies to ensure only the most suitable candidates are offered an interview. The majority of the time, it only takes about three candidate interviews before many of our clients are confident in making a selection for their full time nanny. And, the feedback from the families we’ve placed nannies with confirms that we’re very good at what we do.

It’s All In The Details

We’re detail oriented because the details are important to running a smooth home. A happy and healthy family life is important for the well being of all the members, even pets, and the help you seek must be a good fit to ensure success. At Loving Care Family Services our full time nannies and caregivers pay attention to the details, knowing that little things add up to a happy home. Need a nanny that is First Aid/CPR certified? Contact us and let us know all of your requirements, down to the detail, so if need be, your nanny can become certified before beginning work if not already so. Whatever your family needs, we want to know so we can offer you the most suitable candidates to interview.

The World Is Our Nanny Oyster

Children have similar needs the world over, so caring for and loving them has little to do with geography or culture. Our caregivers come from all over the world, Europe, the Caribbean and even from within North America. No matter where they come to us from, the loving care is evident in their core character, and that transcends language and culture. If you do have any specific language requirements, please inform us so we can do our best to meet your needs.

Nanny Here Today Nanny Gone Tomorrow

Most people in need of a full time nanny will go through a lengthy process of finding the right person to fit in with their family and requirements. Often, without the assistance of an agency, it takes such a long time to research, investigate and background check potential nannies that they might even find another family to work with while you’re still checking their references! It’s a lot of work indeed, and when you finally do secure yourself a full time nanny, there’s a chance that sometimes things out-of-the-blue happen in life where that nanny may have to leave you for a time to go back home due to an illness or death in their own family. You may find yourself right back at square one, searching once again for full time child care. That’s when you pick up the phone and contact us at Loving Care Family Services. We can alleviate all your trouble and have a replacement to you within mere hours, if your need is that urgent, and we can most certainly work with you to find a good full time nanny that will have your family back in fine form again and you breathing a sigh of relief. Our successful placements have been satisfying families in Toronto and throughout the GTA for more than ten years now, which has given us a reputation for representing the best nannies and caregivers in the city. We enjoy being really good at what we do.