In a recent blog post about ‘Full Time Live out Nannies and Divorce’ we mentioned how everyone in the family experiences an adjustment period during and after divorce, some more awkward than others. That article was geared more towards childcare, although senior care is not an exception when it comes to divorce. Being in the care giving business for over a decade has allowed us the opportunity to experience pretty much every family situation one can imagine, even senior divorce and the unique requirements and challenges it presents to a family dynamic.

On-call Senior Care Poised and Ready

Changes can happen much more quickly than we’re prepared for, even if we’ve seen it coming for several weeks, months or even years. Whether it’s an issue of failing health or a deteriorating relationship, we can almost see it coming and know it will eventually require our attention and subsequent action. We know that no matter the outcome the current situation will indeed change, as very little stays the same and we must learn to flow and adapt. In times of change it becomes evident that we may need a bit of extra assistance. Loving Care Family Services is poised and ready to be of help to you, regardless of the current situation, even our on-call senior care is most beneficial in a pinch, even in times of elder parents divorcing.

Senior Divorce and Eldercare

In the retirement years, many elder parents find themselves reflecting on their lives, especially if they are healthy enough to enjoy doing so. They’ve practically given every waking moment to providing loving care to their children, spouse, pets and home, and now they wonder what they’re going to do with the rest of their lives. If they happen to be the healthier spouse in the couple, they may feel guilty for just even thinking about going out on their own to experience something different for their lives. Eldercare becomes an issue in failing health and deteriorating relationships, regardless of who is giving and receiving. Elder divorce may not be as prevalent in our society though it does remain a rate still on the rise, with healthy seniors living longer and eager to experience more out of life.

One Senior’s Divorce Story

Without naming names, because we value and respect the privacy and confidentiality of every single member of all the families we work with, we like to share stories of our experiences providing loving care for over ten years. Sometimes sharing our stories resonates with other people in search of solutions themselves. In a situation of elder divorce, we had a woman contact Loving Care Family Services to inquire about eldercare for her husband. He was not in the best of health and his dementia was growing more prevalent. Even though their divorce was finalized, she insisted that she find the best care for him before she actually moved out of their home. She would not leave him until she was satisfied that he would be cared for as well if not better than her doing it herself. This meant she would be working closely with the caregivers until she had the peace of mind that he was in the best hands possible. We were able to provide what both her and her ex-husband required, and all were pleased with our services.

One Father’s Divorce Story

A father of a toddler was going through a divorce and had to move in with his elder mother, she couldn’t get around as well as she used to and was pleased he was living with her. After rearranging the house to suit the comfort of both a toddler and a senior, he realized the juggle of work and childcare alone was more than challenging enough effectively handle by himself, so he contacted us to inquire about care for elder parent. He started with our on-call senior care services to get his mother acquainted with others coming to her home to assist her. It was either that or he had to resort to daycare for his toddler which he felt was precious time lost with his son. His mother was comfortable with our placements and appreciated the assistance provided. Father, son and Grandmother were all pleased with our loving care, and we’re happy to say the Grandma is more mobile and a bit healthier thanks to the attention and activity in her home.

Loving Care for Any Situation

At Loving Care Family Services we pride ourselves on providing the care-giving families in Toronto and throughout the GTA so desperately need and deserve. We absolutely love what we do and we do it well. No matter the situation or need, give us a call or contact us online to see how we can be of assistance to you. We are our name: Loving Care