Senior Care

Eldercare Services

At Loving Care we know that the elderly are the pillars of our society. There will come a time when your elderly loved ones may not be able to take care of themselves. They may require full time assistance or maybe they just need some extra help. When you or relatives are unable to take care of your elderly loves ones, consider hiring a caregiver from Loving Care Family Services. We offer on call elderly care services in Toronto and throughout the GTA. Caregivers are often referred to as in home private elderly care providers, providing essential senior care for your loved ones. The following situations in which elderly care might be required or necessary are:

  • They are unable to wash or dress themselves.
  • They are forgetting simple things such as – taking medications, eating, caring of themselves in general or something as dangerous as not turning off the stove.
  • In need of short term care.
  • The primary caregiver needs some extra help.

We will provide you with experienced and compassionate senior care services. Every situation and person is unique and that’s why we at Loving Care Family Services are flexible with our various services and options. Whether it is long term, short term, temporary or on-call, we can find you exactly what you’re looking for. Our on-call senior care services can be arranged in a matter of hours if necessary. Our staff will work tirelessly until they match you with the best care possible that suits your specific needs and circumstances. Each of our in home or on call elderly care providers are passionate about their job and work very hard to make sure their clients are well taken care of.

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Our elderly care providers are trained to discuss and assess the specific type and extent of elderly care services your loved one requires. We will ask questions to make sure we’re fully aware of all their needs and expectations.

Make your life a bit easier by calling Loving Care Family Services today to talk, ease your mind and provide the optimal care that your loved one deserves. We have been successfully servicing seniors for over 15 years with the best on call senior care services in Toronto and throughout the GTA. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your situation and the options we can provide for you. We’re here to help and dedicated to making the life of your elderly parents or relatives as comfortable and easy as possible.