Change is a constant in our lives, that we know is true, yet when life moves along in all its’ daily routines and tasks, sometimes big change falls upon us suddenly and we’re just not prepared for it. One day your parents are vibrant and active, and then it seems like all of a sudden you have elder parents that are in need of more than just regular visits. Fast change of declining health or cognitive abilities can bring upon the need for on-call eldercare, and it could be quite an immediate need too. You may be completely caught off guard and barely even know where to start looking for reliable help, never mind your loved one’s need for attention and care right now! That’s where the expertise and experience of Loving Care Family Services comes in. One phone call or email to our agency is all it takes to quickly get the best on-call eldercare in the city.

Next Best Thing to Cloning Yourself

You know your parents so well, their likes, needs, habits, routines and quirks. If cloning was an option, you could make one of yourself to care for your aging parents. That would be cool because then you’d know for sure that the care provided was to your satisfaction. You know that saying ‘if you want something done right then do it yourself’?! Well, to keep up with your standards, a clone of you would be perfect to provide the care you seek to give. But we don’t live in a world where it’s easy to clone ourselves, so the next best thing would be to find someone with the appropriate experience, knowledge, compassion and character to be where you cannot be and offer the loving eldercare that you yourself would administer if you could.
All of our caregivers have vast experience and skills with the elderly, and we research and carefully vet each and every person we place through Loving Care Family Services. It won’t be your clone, but our Loving Care will certainly impress you and your loved ones. Contact us and tell us what you need to achieve.

Palliative and On-call Senior Care

Regardless of the situation, when care is needed we seek to put your mind at ease by providing the best, most reliable service, in a pinch on-call or even palliative care. Our caregiver’s compassion and know-how rises to the occasion, no matter what that may entail. You can rest assure that your loved ones will be treated like family by loving people who take great pride in their work to provide excellence in compassionate senior care. We work closely with you to ensure you’re well informed of any changes that may arise with your elder parent. Our caregivers have what it takes to keep on top of changing needs and have pretty much seen it all when it comes to aging bodies and deteriorating health. We ensure our placements have the strength of character and the physical strength to assist the elderly in their precarious movements and actions. As an ailing senior, simple activities like bathing and meals could become a real hazard if not assisted with confidence, so we make sure our caregivers are strong willed and bodied.

Over A Decade Of Compassionate Care

Dealing with the emotional aspect of your parents aging in declining health is huge enough. Don’t let finding them the best senior care become a big arduous task for you on top of it all. Make your life a bit easier and call us. Let’s talk it through together and see if we can be of service to ease your mind and provide optimal care to your loved ones. We have been successfully servicing seniors with the best on-call eldercare throughout Toronto, the GTA and across Ontario for over a decade.