At times life can get busy, to say the least and at Loving Care Family Services we know about this first hand. This is what inspired some of our employees to be a part of our Loving Care 4 U team. We enjoy helping others, especially when it comes to contributing to the dynamics of the well being and happiness of a family.

The Qualities We Look for When Hiring a Childcare Provider in Toronto and the GTA

  • Trust
  • Compassion
  • Kindness
  • Respect
  • Loyalty
  • Self Starter

We receive a lot of feedback from our clients. They express to us how happy they are with their childcare provider.

Some Client Comments Regarding Their Childcare Provider

  • Our childcare provider is part of our family
  • I’m so grateful to have our childcare provider in my life
  • My childcare provider makes life so much easier
  • I don’t know how we ever lived without our childcare provider
  • When the children act up our childcare provider handles situations better than I do

These comments are wonderful to hear. They make our Loving Care 4 U team feel great because the reason we started Loving Care Family Services in the first place was to help others.

This gives what we do at Loving Care Family Services meaning. And more importantly we help families and childcare providers.

We don’t take what we do at Loving Care 4 U lightly. This comes with great responsibility because we believe that the character and greatness of a person stems from the happiness in the family home.

Loving Care Family Services, servicing your childcare needs in Toronto and the GTA.