With more women being forced into the work force these days, being a stay-at-home mom has become exceedingly rare. They now have to juggle both their children and their profession. There are two options: quit their jobs, or leave their children in the hands of a trusted nanny. When opting for a nanny, you should make sure that this person is confident and committed, as some children distrust even family members. The nanny must exude confidence not only to parents, but also to children. Nannies must take on the difficult role of caring for other people’s children. When a small child feels protected, loved and valued, s/he tends to cling easily, and this is one sign that this nanny is a good match for the family.

Parents describe a mixture of jealousy and gratitude when realizing that the child will misbehave more in their presence than in the company of the nanny. This is quite natural, since the nanny has a neutral relationship with the child, unlike their parents, who project their affection, expectations and anxieties onto their children.
Nannies are people that specialize in caring for children, with the main tasks of this special care being feeding and hygiene. They must have professional awareness, as well as increased communication between parents and nannies, ensuring peace of mind for everyone.

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